Installation Notes


If you're using the installer, then the setup will install the DirectX End-User Runtime libraries so you can use Direct3D for the game instead of OpenGL. Please note that in order to install the libraries, you need admin privileges. In case you don't, the installer will still continue but you will not be able to use Direct3D, and an error will be shown everytime you run the game.

If you're sure that you have the latest DirectX runtime, then you can use the portable, compressed archive. There's no installation needed, you can just run the game after extraction.

Mac OS X

Simply mount the DMG and copy the bundle to your Applications folder as you would normally do, then run it!


At the time of this writing, there is only one package provided that contains all the needed libraries in shared form (.so). Theoritcally, this build should work on all recent linux distros. All it expects is that you have the GL runtime libraries and X11.

Creating a terminal launcher

You can simply symlink the runner script so you can run the game from any directory in a terminal:
sudo ln -s /path/to/vertigo/bin/ /usr/local/bin/vertigo

Now you can run the game anywhere by typing: vertigo

Note: you must run the game using the launcher ( as it changes the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the directory where the game's libraries are included. This is the cleanest way I've found, if you know of a better method to deploy a dynamically linked application, please contact me at support(at)vertigo-game(dot)com.

Building from Source

To build Vertigo from source, you need the following libraries:

  1. Ogre3D v1.7.2 without boost-threads ( which depends on:
    1. zzip, freetype, and freeimage development libraries
    2. OpenGL and GLUT development headers
    3. nVidia CG
  2. BulletPhysics v1.7.7 (
  3. OgreOggSound v1.21 ( which depends on:
    1. OpenAL development libraries
    2. Ogg development libraries
    3. Vorbis development libraries
  4. ParticleUniverse plugin (dynamic library is provided, you don't need to build this)
  5. log4cpp
  6. tinyxml

Make sure Ogre and Bullet can be found by pkg-config, if not, refer to their manuals. When ready, just type: make

NOTE: ParticleUniverse is closed-source and NOT GPL compliant, which prevents the game from being packagable for official repositories. Sadly, there's no workaround for this. The plan is to port the current scripts to use the free ParticleFX plugin instead. Please visit for updates on the topic.

Playability Notes

That's really just about it. Enjoy!